Junius Podrug
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Check out the low budget Indie film I wrote, produced and directed.  We beat 100 to 1 odds and got a distribution deal despite the fact no one involved had any experience in making  a movie.    www.NightoftheNakedDead.com

Me and My Stories


The books I've written under my own name involve ordinary people caught up in a web of intrigue in foreign locales. 

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I have been published in 28 countries and my books have been sold in most of the countries in the world. . 

“A masterpiece of science fiction horror. It combines historical fact with theories of alien visitations and time travel and the 2012 phenomenon. . . a must read. . . the reader will have a difficult time putting this one down.” 
   -- SFRevu 

ascinating peek at ancient Mesoamerican culture."
     -- Booklist

 “Fans of the Mayan End Times omen will relish Junius Podrug’s interpretation of the countdown to the end time of the fifth age of history.”

        -- Alternative Worlds      

“A riveting, beautifully researched story about the mysteries of 2012, and the eerie journey mankind is taking through space and time.”

        -- Whitley Strieber, New York Times bestselling author of 2012:The War for Souls

"Fascinating, hypnotic, frightening . . . this swift-reading novel displays more imagination and vivid imagery than a studio full of special-effects experts.  High performance, high standards, and a high old time for the fans of Junius Podrug."
        --Ralph Peters, New York Times bestselling author of Looking For Trouble