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The Curse    

Investigator Madison Dupre knows a fake when she sees it.  When the mysterious Dr. Kaseem offers to pay her a handsome sum to “ransom” a scarab stolen from the tomb of King Tut, her gut tells her to walk away.  Since she still needs to pay the rent, Madison throws caution to the wind and prepares to search for the Heart of Egypt.

Before she can pack a suitcase, she finds herself framed for murder and on the run.  Her leads take her to Stonehenge, England, where a Druid sex cult worships a “goddess of love,” a woman with enough personal wealth to buy a host of admirers.  Madison finds an admirer of her own in Rafi al Din, an Egyptian antiquities investigator she knows she can’t trust, but who arouses her passion.

Drawn to Egypt in search of the scarab, Madison is trapped in the land of the pharaohs when her passport is seized at the airport.  She knows she is being played by Kaseem, who believes the Heart has the power to galvanize the masses to support his secret cause.

From the famed Khan marketplace to the Valley of the Kings, and the incredible colossi at Abu Simbel, Madison treads a careful path among tomb robbers, assassins, and political fanatics.  She must dodge curses both ancient and modern to stay alive.

The wild and epic stories of Harold Robbins lives on in this sweeping series by Junius Podrug.

The Shroud 

Art investigator Madison Dupre knew the offer was too good to be true:   $20,000 for a quick trip to Dubai, the fantastic Arabian Nights city on the Persian Gulf.  The all came from Sir Henri Lipton, a man who was supposed to be dead -- and who she sincerely had haped was burning in hell because he had ruined her career before his violent "demise."

He needed her help on a piece of art and would only tell her one tantalizing thing about it:  "Let's just say it's a couple thousand years old and was buried with Christ."

The fact that the offer came from a man wanted on three continents for art looting was fair warning that there would be a catch.  But with credit collectors and an avarice landlord pounding at her door, she listened when the devil whispered magic words in her ear:  $20,000 - cash - upfront

There was a catch, of course.  A number of them.  Sir Henri was up to his neck in plots and conspiracies with enemies and needed someone to deflect the danger onto -- not to mention frame for the most audacity art theft in history.

Dubai, a city that has been called Las Vegas on steroids, would just be the first stop for Madison on a quest that takes her to an ancient Mesopotamian city, dark streets of exotic Istanbul, Venice at Carnival time, and to a cathedral where the most sacred object of Christendom is stored.  Along the way, she finds romance in the arms of a Russian agent who she doesn’t trust—and can’t resist.


 The Deceivers

 The knock on the door of struggling art expert Madison Dupree's low-rent
New York apartment is that of a Thai cafe deliveryman--but instead  of succulent noodles, he brings her a rare work of art from the incredible  Angkor Wat temple site in the jungles of

Stepping into a cauldron of murder and antiquity-looting that takes her from New York to Cambodia, Hong Kong to Thailand, Madison keeps one step ahead of temple robbers who kill as easily as they steal.  She finds comfort in the arms of a soldier of fortune; tangles with a Russian model and her stud "bodyguard," who introduce her to the New Eroticism; and gets entangled with a Cambodian prince whose sex moves not even the worldly Madison had tried.  But how much is Madison willing to sacrifice in order to protect priceless irreplaceable antiquities?

"The Deceivers has it all - plot, pace, colorful people, exotic locations that come to life in bursts of vivid descriptions and high-intensity passion."  
William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Constitution  

The Looters 

Museum curator Madison Dupre takes a wild ride in the rarefied atmosphere of the lives, greed, and lusts of the superrich when she buys an ancient mask that as a history of spawning evil and murder.  Stalked by killers, begtrayed by people she thought were her friends, she struggles to stay alive in a growing whirlpool of intrigue as rumors rage that the mask had been looted from the Baghdad museum.  Her odyssey of danger takes her to Londo, Zurich, and Malaga and into the arms of a handsom soldier of forture who might be able to keep Madison alive long enough to prove her innocence and ensure the fabled death mask is returned to the museum.  "Podrug scores with The Looters, where the grered and intrigue of the antiquities market meets a golden death mask looted from an Iraq museum.  Murder, betrayal and a nice spin at the end makes this another good read."  --  The Olympian

"This study of greed, psychology, and a genuine crime against civilization grabs the reader from start to finish.  No one who has ever looked in awe at a museum object will ever feel the same again after this inside look at the real world of collectors."    -- Walter J. Boyne, New York Times bestselling author of Supersonic Thunder, on the Looters  

 The Devil to Pay

 Nash Novack has a world of trouble—the world of coffee.  She starts a 
 chain of coffee stores and ends up dueling with a Colombian drug cartel
 over a plantation in the most dangerous place in the world.  Then carries
 the fight into exotic-erotic
 Shanghai to take on a notorious triad gang. 

"Podrug (Blood Royal) carries on the late Robbins legacy of erotic thrillers with this aromatic brew of sex, danger, money, drugs and shade-grown Arabica coffee. One eventful morning in 1993, 31-year-old Nash Novak loses her Seattle coffee shop in a fiery explosion only to learn from a lawyer that she's inherited a coffee plantation in the Colombian jungle. The plantation is deep in drug cartel territory, but Nash—cash-strapped and accused of arson—opts to "follow the money," a decision that will enmesh her in a dangerous web stretching from Shanghai to Medellín. In Colombia, she learns that her mysterious benefactor, Carlos Castillo, is none other than her long-lost father, a revelation that brings her in contact with a resentful, disinherited half-brother, Cesar Montez, and his girlfriend, Lily Soong, a Chinese prostitute connected to Shanghai's crime lords. Spicing up the mix is Josh Morris, a cocky American smuggler who aggravates and, naturally, titillates Nash. Over-the-top plotting and florid sex scenes will make this an addictive caffeine substitute for Robbins's fans."  --Publishers Weekly

“Here comes a mile-a-minute page turner that will play like a movie in your head.  The Devil to Pay delivers: characters you’ll love or hate or love to hate . . . all the suspense, action, and sex you’d expect . . . and exotic locations brought to life so skillfully that you’ll think you’re in every scene.  Pick it up and you won’t want to put it down.”   --William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Cape Cod

Blood Royal

Blood Royal,
inspired by the tempestuous life of Princess Di, is a tale of murder, madness and deceit in the palace. This is not another biography about the princess, but a stunning legal thriller.

Love . . . Infidelity . . . and Revenge: Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales, was just an ordinary young woman when she was selected to be the Prince's bride and future queen. Her wedding was a world-wide sensation. But she was deceived and betrayed before the honeymoon was over. Five months after a fairy tale wedding, pregnant with the heir to the throne, she threw herself down a flight of stairs. Suicide attempts, illicit affairs, and paranoid beliefs that there were plots by the Royals to kill her became the norm as the fairy tale turned into a horror story. After suffering degradation and humiliation at the hands of her husband, the Princess takes the ultimate revenge.

Afraid that her own attorneys may be lying to her, the princess reaches across the Atlantic and hires Marlowe James, a woman who doesn't put a price on loyalty.

Marlowe has been dubbed the "burning bed lawyer" by the news media because of her successful defense of women who kill their abusive husbands. In defending the Princess, Marlowe not only has to do battle in the Old Bailey with barristers loyal to the Crown, she has to come to grips with her own feelings about a woman who was handed everything any woman would desire.

The explosive tale that will be exposed in the courtroom is one of jealous rage and unfulfilled desires, of sexual deceit by one of the most powerful men on earth---and of bloody revenge enacted by a woman scorned.

 The Betrayers

 Podrug’s strong, crisp style excels at description . . . " --Kirkus Reviews

 "Robbins fans will not be disappointed in this latest book . . ." --Booklist

 "International settings . . . steamy sex scenes . . . a genuine feel for the turmoil of the times."              Romantic Times Magazine 

 Heat of Passion

"Stunningly well-written … about the secrets of the diamond industry… haunting passages … afloat a steaming sea of sex …" --Kirkus Reviews

"A sprawling, sparkling international romp featuring the diamond industry . . . this is first-rate Robbins from start to finish." --Publishers Weekly

"An intriguing story about a man’s journey from riches to rags to riches. The diamond discourse is fascinating . . ."  --Romantic Times Magazine

"If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for another entry in the Robbins’ oeuvre, this is your lucky day." --Booklist

  Sin City 

 "Tight-packed plot and inside detail on gambling cheats in
Las Vegas 
 gives    off blue-rocket fire . . . Seminal Robbins.  A killer. The pages go 
 whoosh."      --Kirkus Reviews

 "Robbins faithful fans will be lining up for this one . . . the plot is spiced  
 with loads of fantastical sex and nymphomaniacal women."   --Booklist

"Robbins fans . . . will be rewarded for their devotion with this unexpectedly lively offering."   --Publishers Weekly